Our goal is to unite the body of Christ around a common purpose.
Discover our mission.

The Mission

Celebrate what God is doing, motivate us towards actionable next steps in fostering unity, and create measurable impact in our cities.

We believe the Church to be the front-line caregiver in these target areas:

  • Reducing the number of children in the foster care system
  • Providing tangible resources for vulnerable families and marriages
  • Resourcing the Church to greet and care for our immigrant and refugee neighbors
  • Engaging next generation leaders for kingdom work


Connecting key Christian leaders to each other and to the best practitioners of care in our cities


Growing Arizona’s Christian community by planting 50 or more new churches across the state


Equipping churches to nurture marriages and families – reducing the divorce rate by 25% and increasing marriage percentages 25%


Launch programming to reduce the number of single-family homes by 25%


Reduce the number of children in foster-care system to half of what it is today


Equip the church to welcome every refugee and immigrant placed in the care of our state


To equip every church to create a long-term partnership with their local school


To equip every church to serve families in the military, those with disabilities, those struggling with behavioral health or substance abuse issues, and other vulnerable populations

The Vision

Equip The Church to be The Front-line Caregiver in Arizona

Movement Day Arizona’s Vision is to equip the church to be the front-line caregiver in our communities, cities and our state. This is more than just a one-day event. Movement Day Arizona is committed to creating measurable impact in our communities by convening and directing leaders to unity and shared vision for change. We will use our annual event as a benchmark for accountability to the things we are working on together – and to inspire us in the ways we already see God working among us.

We want to give churches the resources and connections they need to serve families, marriages, and vulnerable people around them. We know that by building strong churches we can bless the seeking and needy people in our cities. We see our God-given priority to serve people in the communities of child-welfare, refugees, immigrants, those struggling with substance abuse, homelessness, and victims of violence and harm.