Movement Day Arizona

Saturday, September 16, 2017
Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ


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Saturday, September 16, 2017
8am – 5pm


Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ

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Developing a comprehensive network in the body of Christ, consisting pastors, church leaders and behavioral health professionals to connect and integrate effective resources to facilitate the development of behavioral health service provision.

Track Speakers
Sanghoon Yoo, Marcia Stanton, Joel Larson, Brenda Cochran

Christ Centered Rescue & Recovery

To educate the Faith Community how to impact Arizona by using best practices in serving those who are homeless and or facing life controlling issues. To educate the Faith Community about existing Solutions and inspiring people to become engaged.

Track Speakers
Jay Cory, Brian Steele, Jim Moyer, Father Tom Doyle, John Irwin, Nathan Smith, Jesse Dallariva

Track Designers
Jay Cory, Nathan Smith, Pamela Morrison


Church Planting & Evangelism

This track will encourage current and potential church planters and church planting organizations through sharing strategies to reach neighborhoods and cities. Church planters with experience will share biblical principles of church planting as well as personal experiences in launching & leading new churches.

Track Speakers
Brian Kruckenberg

Track Designers
Tom Parker, Aaron Daily

Core Values of Urban Leader Development

The core values of urban ministry highlight the importance of being one’s best as the necessary foundation for doing one’s best. The Core values are the compass by which an urban leader steers and provide a framework within which participants can reflect on important truths about the life and ministry of an urban leader.

Track Speakers
Obed Escobar, Isaiah Sanchez, Pastor Seth, Jordan Francis, Cynthia Pena, Phoebe Cruz, Jesse Villegas, Juan Chavez, Aaron Reina, Jenna Bautista-Mata, Edwin Sicairos

Cost of Poverty Experience

The Cost Of Poverty Experience (COPE) simulation was co-designed with low-income individuals and allows a group of participants to experience one month in the life of a family or individual living below the poverty line. The goal of this experimental event is to encourage participants to collaborate more actively with low-income individuals and families in their communities to understand and address the issues of poverty and to work together to address those issues. COPE will provide participants ample time to process, discuss and dream together as they respond to what they learn about themselves and others during the experience.

Track Speakers
Jonathan Sanborn, Jenica McMaster, Sue Baird, Elaine House

Deconstructing Millennial Leaders

Provide content to help church/organizations think through equipping/ empowering millennials. Host a conversation that allows millennials and other generations to share best practices and learn from one another. Give practical “next steps” for those wanting to train millennials.

Track Speakers
Danielle Rinnier, Tim Griffin

Family & Marriage Strengthening

The church needs to be intentional in rebuilding the family – God’s way. Studies have shown time and time again that the father is the key to the family. If we reach fathers with the transforming message of the gospel, along with giving them practical parenting instruction – we will reach the entire family, who in turn will be transformed.
The Family Track will focus on creating a movement of churches and community partners that will 1) reach out to men and 2) equip them to be godly fathers. This will include education, motivation, and practical next steps.

Track Speakers
Bill Ferrell, Eddie Morales, Kathleen Winn

The Global Church in Arizona

Millions of immigrants and refugees call Arizona home and many of them are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Join us for a conversation with local church leaders from around the world to learn how you can engage with the global Church in blessing Arizona.

Track Speakers
Michel Duarte, Tom Taknan, Suresh Gunti, Jimy Martinez, Timothy Olorunfemi, Eyasu Zegeye & others

How to Start a Movement: The 4Tucson Story

Tucson consistently ranks as one of the 10 least churched cities in America. Yet by paying attention to Jesus’ prayer in John 17, and developing a strategic, all-encompassing model for city transformation, not only is unity being experienced across denominations, ethnicity, demographics, generations, and spheres of influence, but city leaders from multiple sectors have started turning to the City Church for help and answers. In many measurable ways, Tucson is improving to the glory of God. We’ll share our model, ways other communities can start/grow their movements, and focus specifically on prayer and unity as two key components to success.

Track Speakers
Mark Harris, Brian Goodall, and David Drum

Immigrant Care

In this track, we will equip you with the facts and contextualization you need to understand the state of immigration in the United States and Arizona in 2017. We will also discuss how to approach immigration and immigrants from a biblical perspective, offer ideas and tools for developing an approach to “welcoming the stranger” with our churches and organizations, and train leaders on advocating for better policies for immigrants.

Track Speakers
Adam Estle, Kit Danley


Native American Tradition & The Church

The goals of this track is to create open dialogue with Native people and the church, to increase awareness around the issue of the spirituality of Native people being suppressed in the church, and to help others understand the importance and significance of Native American spirituality.

Track Speakers
Rev. Buddy Monahan, TJ Hansell

The Role of the Church in the Refugee Crisis

The goal of this track is to provide factual information on the global refugee crisis and an overview of a refugee’s journey to the US. Our desire is to educate participants on the common challenges faced by refugees in Arizona and how the Body of Christ is uniquely positioned to help. We will equip participants to build relationships with their refugee neighbors and connect them to existing avenues for engagement.

Track Speakers
Leisa McDonald, Derek DeVelder, Cherie Gray, Mary Kaech, Dallas Cowan


Educate leaders on how to discover the work related issues in their communities. Inspire leaders to reach out to businesses and community leaders to create hopeful intersections.

Track Speakers
Andy Myers, Jim Mullins

Track Designers
Andy Myers, Jim Mullins


Are you looking to establish or expand your Foster Care Ministry? Join us for an interactive Foster Care simulation, Life in Limbo. After attending this track, you will be better equipped to respond to the Arizona child welfare crisis and engage your church with a tool kit and a clear call to action.

Track Speakers
Berisha Black, Katie O’Dell, Cody Fort, Jenica McMaster

Brought to You By
Foster Care Initiatives, AZ127, Safe Families & CarePortal


To highlight the needs of service members, veterans and their families.To show by example the things that faith communities can do to support their healing and reintegration. To encourage faith communities to become network partners of the Coalition.
To provide resources for faith communities.

Track Speakers
Mike Wold, Dean Pedrotti, Thomas Winkel

Substance Abuse Prevention

Participants will understand how to integrate prevention programs and develop a relevant and sustainable community voice. Participants will receive critical tools and information on programs through the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family. Participants will be able to engage in and register for Round Table events hosted by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family and the Arizona Department of Economic Security.

Track Speakers
Sam Burba, Terrilyn Miller

Transforming Place & People

We will identify potential churches and Christian non- profits who might be interested in starting so we can assist them. We will assist churches and nonprofits who have already started on the path and who want to know what is next. And we will spread the concept of transforming neighborhoods which has great impact when they are multiply what they are doing.

Track Speakers
Stan Rowland, Garold Elstlon, Tim Brown, Jeff Bisgrove

Transforming Schools Through Partnerships

Arizona’s 2000 schools are weighed down with the need of our communities who face poverty, a huge foster child population and growing numbers of refugees. In 5 years our mission is to see 80% of these schools partnered with Christian communities to bring true transformation to schools and their communities.

Track Speakers
Tracey Beal, Bernadette Gruber, Marjaneh Gilpatrick, Gary Gillespie

Youth & Family Homelessness

The goal of this track is to create awareness among attendees and to encourage hem to further educate others, to encourage participation in problem solving issues pertaining to homelessness, and to discuss next steps in our collective effort to solve homelessness.

Track Speakers
David Hepburn, Chela Schuster, Reverend Dr. Kelly Bender, Robin Telle


Sue Baird

RegiOnal Manager, Care Portal of Pima County
Tucson, AZ

Sue Baird, CarePortal Regional Manager for Pima County, began working with the Arizona Department of Child Safety in June 2015 to bring CarePortal to Arizona. Arizona was the 5th state to launch CarePortal on December 3, 2015 through the pilot which was begun in Pima County. CarePortal is now serving the church and child welfare in 11 other states. Maricopa County officially launched CarePortal in February 2017 and CarePortal is preparing to expand throughout Arizona. Sue is a foster/adoptive mom and has a passion to see the church return to their James 1:27 calling to serve the orphan.

Tracey Beal

Executive Director, School Connect
Phoenix, AZ

As Executive Director of School Connect Tracey Beal creates dynamic partnerships among faith, business, government and non-profit organizations in support of local schools. Tracey also worked with key leaders from the Washington District to multiply the model throughout their 32 schools. Tracey serves as the Pastor of Community Development at Pure Heart Church where she over sees all of their local community initiatives in partnership with numerous community organizations.


Phoenix, AZ

Berisha Black is an alumnus of the foster care system where she spent 15 years in care and then aged out. Her last foster parent loved the mess out of her and became her Grandmother. Berisha is a prime example of resiliency; by overcoming her obstacles she has been a public speaker, trainer and role model for others. She graduated from CAL State University, Los Angeles with her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is currently the Executive Director of AZ Foster Care Initiatives, which equips the church to serve the vulnerable and offers a variety of trainings on becoming foster/adoptive parents and trauma. Berisha has used her expertise to impact public policy, and helped create several key programs for youth in the system. She has a 6year-old son, and is a foster parent to a teenage daughter she plans to adopt.

Jay Cory

CEO/President, Phoenix Rescue Mission
Phoenix, AZ

Jay Cory has served as the President & CEO of the Phoenix Rescue Mission since 2011. He has over 25 years of senior leadership experience in Christ-centered Rescue and Recovery Ministry. Prior to coming to Phoenix, Jay served with Atlanta Mission in various positions. He earned his MBA from Furman University, and is a Master Addictions Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor, and an ordained minister.

Dallas Cowan

Group Home Parent
Mesa, AZ

Dallas Cowan and his wife are currently group home parents for 9 girls in the foster care system in Mesa, Arizona. He has a background in marketing and branding and a heart for serving the most vulnerable people in the city. He has worked with the state to better communicate their programs to a larger audience. He also worked on the committee to help build a refugee portal by providing direction on how to build out a digital product.

Jesse Dallariva

Phoenix Rescue Mission
Phoenix, AZ

Jesse Dallariva has firsthand experience with homelessness and addiction. Jesse  found recovery at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. After Jesse completed the Phoenix Rescue Mission program he went on to become a full time staff member. He has worked at the Phoenix Rescue Mission in the Vocational Development, Emergency Shelter, and Case Management departments.

David Drum

Church Domain Director, 4Tucson
Tucson, AZ

David Drum served as the solo and lead pastor of Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Tucson, Arizona from 1990-2011.In July 2011, David started as the full-time Church Domain Director for 4Tucson, helping churches and pastors throughout Tucson work more closely together.David has served on the national Board of Trustees and Board of Ministry for Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). He was the founder and leader for the Evangelical Renewal District of LCMC. He also served as president for Tucson Association of Evangelicals and Tucson Ministry Fellowship.

Governor Doug Ducey

Governor of Arizona
Paradise Valley, AZ

Governor Doug Ducey is the 23rd governor of the state of Arizona. He was elected on November 4, 2014 and sworn into office on January 5, 2015 – inheriting a $1 billion budget deficit. With a mission to make Arizona the best state in the country to live, work, do business and get an education, Governor Ducey and state leaders got to work. Today, Arizona’s budget is balanced. Business is thriving. And public schools continue to improve. The governor remains committed to what he has identified as his top priorities: growing the economy, creating and supporting 21st-century jobs, promoting educational excellence, protecting our communities and restoring fiscal responsibility – all without raising taxes on hardworking Arizonans. Governor Ducey and his wife, Angela, live in Paradise Valley with their three sons, Jack, Joe and Sam.

Obed Escobar

Community Relations Director, Center for Arizona Policy
Phoenix, AZ

Pastor Obed Escobar is the Community Relations Director at CAP since May, 2014. Originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala, Pastor Obed came to the United States in 1991. He received his bachelor’s degree in Applied Management from Grand Canyon University, and completed his Bible and Theology studies at Global University.He began working in full time ministry in 2003 when he helped plant the church “Proyecto Vida” or “The Life Project.” Before coming to Center for Arizona Policy, Pastor Obed was the multicultural pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona.

Bill Ferrell

Director of Strategic Operations, Family Bridges
Phoenix, AZ

Bill is the Director of Strategic Operations for Family Bridges. He has spent his entire career in the nonprofit sector, equipping people to grow in their relationships with themselves, others, and God. He has been an executive coach, pastor, marriage counselor, church consultant, president of a media company, and a college chaplain.


Phoenix, AZ

Cody Fort- believes the church should be at the forefront of caring for children and families in crisis. He is currently the Safe Families for Children Arizona Statewide Supervisor. Cody just celebrated his first year of marriage with the love of his life. He has his bachelors in Family Psychology and ministerial certification from The General Council of the Assemblies of God.

Marjaneh Gilpatrick

Executive Director of Educational Outreach, Grand Canyon University

Dr. Marjaneh Gilpatrick is the Executive Director of Educational Outreach in the College of Education at Grand Canyon University. In her role she leads the College of Education’s promotional and outreach activities with its various educational partners. She also strives to develop new teachers with Educators Rising. Dr. Gilpatrick has a multi-faceted career: elementary ESL teacher, Reading department chair, instructional specialist, and AVID leader in a middle school, Instructor at the Maricopa Community Colleges, and the leader of the Early Learning and Development Center at Grand Canyon University.

Brian Goodall

Prayer Domain Director, 4Tucson
Tucson, AZ

Brian is practically a native of Tucson, moving here with his family at the age of 7. He has been a church pastor for over 15 years, recently as High School Pastor at Pantano Christian Church here in Tucson. Brian’s heart is that prayer partnerships are promoted and cultivated within the Church. He’d love to see us continue to work together in developing a common prayer strategy for Tucson, thereby mobilizing a united response for the spiritual transformation of our city.

Cherie Gray

Founder, Tucson Refugee Ministry
Tucson, AZ

Cherie was born in New Mexico, raised in Arizona, and has lived in the Middle East and in Eastern Europe. In 2000, she met a refugee from Bosnia who was living in Tucson and began teaching her English, and every time they met there would be more people from more countries who wanted to study. So she launched an English Class in their neighborhood. In 2006 Cherie founded Tucson Refugee Ministry, a catalyst to educate and mobilize churches to reach out to refugees in practical, tangible ways. Cherie is passionate about loving and serving the nations whom God has brought to our doorstep.

Bernadette Gruber

Director of the Education Domain, 4Tucson
Tucson, AZ

Bernadette Gruber began her work as the Education Domain Director of 4Tucson in August of 2011.  She works tirelessly to engage the Christian community in order to transform Arizona’s educational system. She supports public, private, and charter schools by catalyzing church-school partnerships, prayer fellowships, professional development training and educator retreats.

Mark Harris

Executive Director, 4Tucson
Tucson, AZ

In 1994, Mark and his family moved to Tucson to plant The Oasis Church. Mark is co-founder of Old Pueblo Community Foundation and Institute for Better Education. In 2004, Mark purchased the Intelligent Office franchise for Tucson. He has witnessed firsthand God’s assistance through the financial challenges of the economic downturn. In 2010, he founded 4Tucson to serve as a catalyst to mobilize Christians in Tucson to help solve the city’s toughest problems.

David Hepburn

Tucson, AZ

In 1994, David & Nancy Hepburn co-founded Homeless Helpers, Inc., which later became Helping Hands Housing Services. The organization was an all-volunteer 501 (c)(3) which raised money and passed 100% of the proceeds through to many non-profits servicing the homeless. In 2009, Helping Hands merged into UMOM New Day Centers bringing four apartment properties totaling 208 apartment units and became the permanent housing arm of UMOM New Day Centers. Dave became the Chief Housing Development Officer at UMOM and remained there until 2014 when he partially retired. Today, David is the Coordinator of Special Projects reporting to CEO Darlene Newsom. He assists with new housing projects as well as being an active speaker on behalf of UMOM assisting churches with volunteer opportunities that will serve UMOM residents.

Elaine House

Volunteer CarePortal Point Person, Living Water Ministries
Tucson, AZ

Elaine House is a volunteer CarePortal point person for her church, Living Water Ministries in Tucson, AZ. Elaine’s first passion for children in crisis and in need of advocacy began when she sponsored a child through Save the Children many years ago. The desire to support and promote has driven her throughout her career as an educator and administrator. She currently serves as an Elder in her church with a goal to increase CarePortal involvement in her church and other churches in Tucson to 100%, and thereby express the evidence of Matthew 25:40.

John Irwin

Executive Director, Phoenix Homeless Shelter
Phoenix, AZ

John became deeply interested and involved in “reintegration” efforts while working on his Graduate degree. Seeing the need to understand the events that led to a person becoming incarcerated, John began designing curriculum to assist those individuals. He is currently the Executive Director for a Justice related entity serving the incarcerated population and an Executive Director for a Homeless Shelter in Phoenix.


Nonprofit Organization Management
Phoenix, AZ

Mary Kaech has been walking with refugees in Arizona since 2004 and has a vision to see all refugees who are resettled to Arizona embraced by followers of Jesus and flourishing as God intended. She helps facilitate Phoenix Refugee Connections, a network of Christians walking in love with their refugee neighbors. Mary has worked in international community development since 2006, first at Food for the Hungry and presently at the Disciple Nations Alliance. She earned a master’s degree in social and cultural pedagogy from Arizona State University, focusing her research on refugees resettled to Phoenix. Mary is married to Mark, and they have two daughters.

Brian Kruckenberg

Lead Pastor, New City Church
Phoenix, AZ

Brian, a Phoenix resident since 2005, has what many might call a varied career. After graduating from law school in 1999, Brian worked for Stinson Morrison Hecker, LLP in Kansas City, Mo. as an e-Commerce Attorney. Since making a career transition in 2004, Brian has earned a Doctorate in Ministry (D.Min.) from Bethel Seminary and founded New City Church ( in downtown Phoenix in 2011. Brian and his wife Gina, live in Central Phoenix with their three children.


Phoenix, AZ

Jenica McMaster is the Lead Regional Manager for CarePortal Maricopa County. CarePortal exists to serve the local church by bringing the needs of local children and families in crisis to their attention. Child welfare workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real- time opportunity to respond. Prior to joining CarePortal, Jenica served as the Connection Coordinator for Grace Church in the Kansas City area, as an Event Planner for various local and national organizations and as Coordinator in the Office of Public Liaison at the White House. Jenica received a Degree in Communications from Azusa Pacific University. She and her husband Dave have three daughters and live in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Carl Medearis

PlENARY Speaker & Author
Phoenix, AZ

30+ years of living in and traveling to the Middle East has given Carl Medearis a true insider’s view of the region; making him one of a handful of American expert voices in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations. Carl serves as a catalyst for a number of current movements in the Middle East to come together around the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth in order to promote peace-making, as well as cultural, political and religious dialog leading toward understanding and reconciliation. He is the author of the acclaimed books on these issues: “Muslims, Christians and Jesus” as well as “Tea with Hezbollah”, “speaking of Jesus: the art of not-evangelism” and most recently, “Adventure in Saying Yes: A Journey from Fear to Faith”.

Terrilyn Miller

Faith & Community Initiatives Director, Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith & Family
Phoenix, AZ

Profile coming soon.

Rev. Buddy Monahan

Board Member, CNAMF
Phoenix, AZ

Rev. Monahan is an Ordained Teaching Elder of the Presbyterian Church USA PC(USA) and an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Maricopa. He is currently serving as the Pastor of a non-Native church bridging the gap between Natives and non-Natives. His service to the church and Native communities includes being the Vice-Moderator of the Native American Consulting Committee of PC(USA), Moderator Advocacy Committee Racial Ethnic Concerns PC(USA), and Adult Advisor for the American Indian Youth Council of PC(USA). His dedication to Native communities has lead him to be a vital board member for CNAMF in their mission to create HOPE and OPPORTUNITIES for the next generation of Native American leaders.

Jim Moyer

Pastor & Director, Greater Phoenix Teen Challenge
Phoenix, AZ

I love seeing people become set free and delivered from drug and alcohol addictions. In 1985 I met Jesus while in my car driving home from work. The week prior, someone told me how God sent his only son Jesus to die for my sins and how he offers forgiveness and acceptance if I ask for it. For the first time, I did it. At the same time I was miraculously delivered from my alcohol addiction.

Andy Myers

Phoenix, AZ

Andy Myers is the City Director of Phoenix for FlourishNow. Andy has been in full-time ministry for over 20 years and has served as lead pastor, interim pastor, and also in student ministries. He has also led 20 ministry teams to work alongside churches in Cambodia, Guatemala, and India. Most recently, Andy worked with a Christian Foster Care and Adoption agency championing the ministry to orphans in and around the State of Arizona. He has a passion for justice and helping churches partner together to lift up those in need in their communities and around the world. Andy and his wife Stacey live in the Phoenix area and have four children. They’ve also had the blessing of being foster parents and recently adopted their little princess.

Katie O’Dell

Director & Founder, Arizona 1.27
Phoenix, AZ

Katie O’Dell serves as Director of Arizona 1.27 and is a founding member of Arizona 1.27. Arizona 1.27 is a movement of Arizona churches in our state working together to ensure every child has a home through foster care or adoption. This organization acts as a state-wide church ministry and intentionally remains a church-based movement. Arizona 1.27 works alongside all denominations within the protestant community. In addition to her role with Arizona 1.27, Katie serves as the local outreach Pastor for Hillsong Phoenix. Katie holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, she is a TBRI practitioner and has served in local church ministry for 15 years. She and her husband, Casey, have 2 daughters and live in the Gilbert, Arizona.

Mac Pier

Founder & CEO, The New York City Leadership Center
New York, NY

Mac’s journey began when he traveled to Bihar, India. That experience led Mac to found Concerts of Prayer Greater New York which serves to build bridges between pastors of various races and denominations across the New York Metro area. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and subsequent requests for partnerships from World Vision, Willow Creek Association and Redeemer City to City, led to the founding of The New York City Leadership Center in 2008. As CEO of The NYCLC, Mac seeks to exponentially increase the leadership effectiveness of ministry and marketplace leaders – to address the spiritual and social issues facing our world today. To that end, the annual Movement Day conference was established in 2010 to accelerate the growth of Christian leadership in the world’s major urban centers.

Danielle Rinnier

Dir. of Spiritual Life, Grand Canyon University
Phoenix, AZ

Danielle Rinnier has loved working with students for the last 15 years. She is currently the Director of Spiritual Life at Grand Canyon University, and is grateful for the older leaders in her life who continually help her seek the Lord and figure out how to serve through leading. Danielle is in awe that she is the mom of two adopted, full of life boys, and has been married to her college sweetheart Andrew for 8 years.

Chela Schuster

Senior Director of Housing, UMOM New Day Centers
Phoenix, AZ

Chela Schuster currently serves as the Senior Director of housing for UMOM New Day Centers, a critical role in steering the agency housing focus.  Among her responsibilities, Chela has designed and implemented UMOM’s Rapid Re-Housing and SSVF programs beginning with the RRH Demonstration in 2009. She also oversees all of UMOM’s permanent supportive and permanent affordable housing programs.

Jannah Scott

Minister of the Gospel, Strategist, Planner, Advisor, Public Policy Expert
Phoenix, AZ

Jannah Scott has served in many capacities with faith, government, business and the nonprofit community. She currently is involved with preaching, teaching and intercessory prayer teams with Greater Impact Church and the Global Prayer Network. Jannah earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of California at Berkeley in Conservation of Natural Resources (B.S.) and Public Health Planning and Policy (M.P.H.). She is the mother of five young men and women of God, and grandmother to 6 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. Her passion is to see people everywhere achieve their God-given potential, living in an atmosphere where love, dignity, righteousness and justice prevail.

Nathan Smith

Community Engagement Manager, Phoenix Rescue Mission
Phoenix, AZ

Nathan Smith started serving people in homelessness in 2009 when he felt compelled to place more of an emphasis on local missions. Since then he has made it his duty to work toward ending homelessness and enlighten others in the community. He works for the Phoenix Rescue Mission, where he currently manages the Community Engagement department.

Brian Steele

Pastor & Executive Director, Phoenix Dream Center
Phoenix, AZ

Brian D. Steele works as the Pastor and Executive Director of the Phoenix Dream Center. Brian and his wife have served together in international and domestic missions for over 15 years, and have served in the inner-city, ministry social services field for over 20 years. He currently serves on AZ Governor Doug Ducey’s Human Trafficking Council to combat Sex Trafficking as the Policy Chair.

Neil Watson

Lead Pastor, Saguaro Canyon Church
Tucson, AZ

As I am in my twelfth year of ministry here at Saguaro Canyon, I can’t help but feel humbled as to how God has drawn so many really neat people together to make up the body of believers to serve Him at this church.

This event would not be possible without the faithful hearts of volunteers. If you are wanting to serve with us please register.